Mammy? Can we keep him?

Like most kids, mine would love a pet.

So you can imagine their reaction when we visited the grandparents last month (Note: We do visit more than monthy – It’s just taken a while for me to get round to posting!).  They don’t have pets either, but as the kids were sitting in the kitchen, Child #1 opened the back door to go play outside then let out a scream and banged the door closed.  Of course we all wanted to know what was wrong so we (slowly) opened the door again.

Then we saw this…


Just standing on the door step!

Child #1: “Where did it come from?”

Nanny: “I don’t know, it was there for a while earlier, then it just went off.”

Child #1: “Can we keep it?”

All: “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Child #2: “It’s a shicken!”

So we went out, and took some pictures of it.  From a distance as I am quite afraid of “birdy things”. Then we went back inside and forgot about our, um, visitor for a while.

About an hour #1 came running in, “It’s the neighbours, he’s come to collect it.”

We didn’t even know he had chooks, never mind was missing one.  Turns out he didn’t have very long, just a couple of weeks, he went to Mullagh fair to get a hen for him, and when he got back he was gone.  They had seen feathers in the field and assumed a fox had taken off with him.  Little did he know he was only on holiday next door.  The next problem, was to catch him so he could be brought home.  That was my Dad’s job.  I stood well back on the far side of the garden  (and yes it was noted that I was petrified and yet I am the one who wants chooks of my own!).  Cue lots of running round the garden and #2 roaring with laughter at Grandad catching the shicken.  Of course I have no pictures of this either as I was too afraid to move to go back into the house for the camera.

Well needless to say, the kids really, really want chickens (shickens?) now.  I’m not so sure anymore…

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4 Responses to Mammy? Can we keep him?

  1. TheGlutton says:

    Ah get them some shickens 🙂 I don’t like handling the chooks unless I really have to… that’s what husbands are for !

  2. English Mum says:

    Ooh yes, shickens are the next thing on my list. He’s a handsome chap – good news that he’s obviously not too noisy either!

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