Is The Water Back Yet?

It’s been hard to escape talk about the weather over the last few weeks.  My kids missed a few days of school when the snow first hit as the roads were just too bad to travel on.  When the roads conditions slowly started to improve we returned to school by driving “the long way round” as only the main roads were gritted and we knew they would be safer than travelling on back roads (better to be safe than sorry etc..) To make matters worse we have had no running water in the house since Monday last week and have been relying on filling containers with water from my in-laws whose water supply was relatively unaffected (give or take a couple of days).

When we did eventually start to travel on the road that we would usually use to get to school, we noticed the lake near to our house was completely frozen over and thought I would take a photo of it to feature on the blog before the predicted thaw set in.  What actually happened though was that we got so caught up in preparing for Christmas that we didn’t get around to taking pictures until yesterday.  So when himself drove us down the lake road, we were really disappointed to find that the thaw on the lake had already started so you can just make out a bit of ice near the shore. 

As I type this, the thaw that was promised on the weather reports has well and truly set in yet we still have no water in the house.  Maybe tomorrow…

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